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centers of gravity
galleri box, gothenburg, sweden
myymälä2, helsinki, finland

The exhibition takes up our bodily moving of objects, the technology of carrying and our relationship to the things we carry. The starting point of the works are the objects and practices that connect the body with what is being moved.

(first three images by hendrik zeitler)

things that contain
muu galleria, cable factory, helsinki, finland
kulttuurisauna, helsinki, finland

The exhibition holds containers which have been shaped to hold objects that are either worth having, unavoidable or a burden to preserve.

time and other resources
galleria sculptor, helsinki, finland

The exhibition forms a workshop installation that seemingly reproduces its parts in a neverending cycle. Making one thing to make another, to make another, to make another… what is gained and lost in the process?

(first image by titus verhe)

as precisely as necessary
stundars museum, sulva, vaasa region, finland

The exhibition forms a toolkit for creating straight lines, right angles and flat surfaces in a time when things are shaped by factories, and in a society that values perfection.

countless reinventions of the wheel
luostarinmäki museum, turku, finland

The exhibition touches on obsolete technologies in view of an increasingly post-industrial society and the biographies of its members.

experience / equipment
bgalleria, turku, finland

the exhibition contemplates possibilities of working with limited means in our time of abundance. The works are related to low, rural and pre-industrial workbenches that have been used both for working and social interaction.

a little bit, every day
hobusepea galerii, tallinn, estonia

with uku sepsivart

"A shared element in the exhibition is our affection towards working by hand. Together we are thinking about making as a process somewhere between wearing out a benchtop and spontaneous accumulation of material."